Professional Development

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The Wellbeing Classroom is about finding and creating meaningful outcomes for children and families across metropolitan and regional schools, and early childhood sites in Australia. The team are always happy to visit and explore how we can support your journey and useful tools and resources.

We provide regular open professional development opportunities including our annual conference and regional masterclasses We are endorsed Kimochis® professional development providers. We also provide on-site professional development workshops, including:

  1. The Wellbeing Classroom - Evidence Based Concepts

  2. Kimochis - Curriculum and how to use in the classroom.

  3. Nurture - Boxall Profiling and Nurture principals

  4. Emotion Coaching - As a pedagogical shift in the classroom.

Kimochis ® Training - 05-11-2019

Training is at 12 Angus Ave Edwardstown and includes Lunch Coffee and Tea. Click the image below to book. Limited places available



Are you wondering how The Wellbeing Classroom can help you in your context? We are offering you a free 20 minute consultation with our Wellbeing Classroom experts to discuss questions you have and to further support you and your school.