Kimochis® Lovey Dove 13" Plush Character

Kimochis® Lovey Dove 13" Plush Character


LOVEY DOVE is sweet and nurturing and is always there to help smooth out a lumpy situation. If the Kimochis had one mom they could all share, it would be Lovey. She lives in an auburn nest high atop a Japanese Maple Tree. Lovey’s nest has one bedroom, a kitchen, and a playroom with a magic slide where the Kimochis spend a lot of time after their homework is done. Lovey’s favourite number is 11 and her favourite colour is lemon yellow. She loves healthy snacks like carrot sticks and yogurt raisins. 

Lovey Dove helps kids learn how to:

  • Share pride without bragging

  • Celebrate others’ accomplishments

  • Overcome discouragement

  • Move through worried feelings

1. 13” plush character 
2. The 3 feelings (Happy, Proud, and Hopeful) and Turtle Dove can be stored in pockets under Lovey Dove’s protective wings 
3. The included 48 page Feel Guide comes with fun and easy activities

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