Kimochis® Early Childhood Curriculum

Kimochis® Early Childhood Curriculum


The Kimochis® Educators Curriculum: Early Childhood Edition (Preschool, TK, K) is a 316-page Feel Guide designed to introduce social-emotional learning (SEL) and character education to children. This program was designed to give children the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to recognize and manage their emotions, demonstrate caring and concern for others, establish positive relationships, make responsible decisions, and handle challenging situations constructively. 

With 25 sequenced weeks of lessons, the Kimochis® Educators Curriculum: Early Childhood Edition is an innovative, fun, engaging social-emotional program that:

  • Provides positive behaviour support through the Teaching Pyramid Model

  • Creates a caring school community and builds a strong school-to-home connection with Kimochis® Homelinks

  • Teaches the 40 Developmental Assets which enable young people to develop into successful and contributing adults

  • Provides the communication tools to create a strong transitional kindergarten program

Note: This item is the curriculum/guide only and does not ship with characters and feelings, so it is best suited for educators who already have the Kimochis® Characters and Feelings pillows.

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