Your gift makes a big difference for children like Hunter

Being able to see him reading and learning how to express his feelings better than I have, especially over the last few years dealing with the cancer side of things and seeing how he is managing to do it actually shows me that there’s so much more I can be learning and so much more I can be doing to not only help myself with all my emotions but helping him growing up and seeing our emotions.

His progress in such a short span doing this program, it’s really amazing to see him growing up.
— Scott Sabatini, father of Hunter, Keller Road Primary School

We need your gifts and support to help children like Hunter shape their own story, and reach their full potential. 

The development of positive wellbeing needs to be a daily communal conversation between school, home and the wider community.  Wellbeing is far more than the absence of illness or distress.  It is the ability to thrive and live for and to our absolute potential.

Please partner with us today and make a tax-deductible donation so children like Hunter can be supported in the best possible environment to ensure holistic and meaningful development.

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