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It is our pleasure to invite you to join us for The Wellbeing Classroom Conference to be held at the Magarey Room, Adelaide Oval on the 4-5 June 2018, then repeated at Central Oval, Port Augusta on the 7-8 June 2018.

This is the fourth consecutive year that we have held the conference. The 2018 Theme – Who Are They, and Who Can They Become? – will explore the importance of seeing all children and young people not just as they are, but for who they could become; to encourage them to reach their full potential in learning and life, so that can unlock their grander vision.

This world puts forth significant challenges, that this current generation will need to find solutions for. They are a generation that have almost limitless possibility at their disposal. However, they are also a generation where we are seeing some of the lowest levels of wellbeing and optimism we have ever faced. Learning and wellbeing cannot be separated.


How do we prepare this generation so that hundreds of thousands of grander visions can rise up and change the world for the better?



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2017 Conference

Our 2017 Conference was held at Adelaide Oval across 15-16 June.